magTXT.biz is a free public blog website and PC-to-Mobile text service that allows Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad to have seamless conversations with their loved ones in the Philippines.

All magTXT.com, magTXT.net, magTXT.org and magTXT.biz are of the same website.

magTXT.biz is composed of people with expertise in the mobile technology, web applications, and marketing field. Our mission for magTXT.biz is to bring innovative and relevant messaging solutions to Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad.

Our free sms ostservice is completely free with no charge/fees nor anything similar in nature. We would like to emphasize that we do pay to the cellular network companies for the use of their network and services just like their any other common users.

We highly encourage our users to rather buy/pay the products and services offered by these cellular network companies (Smart Telecommunications, Globe Telecom, Sun Cellular) rather than using magTXT.biz.

For any questions or concerns about us, the practices of the site, or your dealings with the site, you can contact us at magTXT@gmail.com.

Thank you for using our service!